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Feeling Alone

Do you ever feel like even though there is nothing wrong with you, you just don’t belong?

I do not consider myself depressed, I get ’emotional times,’ I am human, but as a whole…not depressed.

But everywhere I am drawn to, I do not belong. Take blogging…I am not a mother to small children or a homeschooling mom. I do not attend all the Mommy groups, but I have the interests that keep bringing me back to these groups.

I want to get out there, but I am not suffering from any ailment, and I use my knowledge and experience with alternative health to take care of anything I need. But there are not groups for strong, smart, take action for your own decision and don’t have health issues type groups.

Let’s see, I was an immigrant…from England, no support groups there, plus I was so young…I am more American now. I have lost both parents, but I live in a different state so no one around me saw their or my pain…so it does not exist. Sometimes I think I have put that on a back burner, since there is no where to get that family supportive feeling I look for, why bother. I do know it is not something I need to ‘talk’ about. I have handled that aspect, it is loss of the family support feeling I need.

On an ‘up’ note, I was a single mom and handled by own business even then, and it earned me an amazing husband I will celebrate my 10th anniversary with in just a couple of weeks. HE is so supportive of me and everything I do. Without him, I know I would not be the strong person I am, because he allows me the space I need to be strong.

And my newest endeavor, to self-advance my knowledge in aromatherapy, drew me to a hybrid type sales group. I do not have the ‘group’ base to have a forum to share. I am trying to share within the groups. But a posting here or there does not provide adequate information, nor can I obtain an adequate case intake to provide a quality response. I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. Just looking again for a connection that is not there.

So this has actually turned into a brain storming session for me. There it is again, self-help. Time to stop whining and waiting for opportunity to come to me. I need to discover what all makes me different…better than others. It’s time to take my can do attitude and put it to real work. And I have to do it for me. I have to wrap my head around the fact that the extended family connection I want isn’t going to happen, embrace what I have, and charge forward.

So some deep breathing, Ignite essential oil for positive energy, and now to find with flower essence will give me strength and confidence…time to get busy.



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I Can, I Will, I Am

March is here and it’s time to take action. I have let two cold and dreary months pass be by, and I have not yet begun to fight. I started the day watching an uplifting message on Joel Osteen. In a nutshell, stop believing you can only go as far as others allow you to believe you can go. Believe in yourself and find your strengths and talents and you can be as great as you want to be.

A mantra formed in my head. I can, I will, I am.

My timing in life has afforded me to work for everything I have. I have never received anything I haven’t worked for or paid for. In return I have ethics, determination, self discipline, and determination. I am motivated and I seek to have the same energy around me.

I started my journey in self growth in February 2007, it has been 8 years and I have loved every moment. I hunger for knowledge in holistic and alternative health. I thrive off of the successes taking methodology into practice. And I aspire to practice a true combination of therapies. I fear that I will never have any of this completely due to being me. Where others have the support of extended families and their families, I am here with my husband, my sister is half way across the country, other family I barely know are an ocean away. I am me, and this is it. But I am smart, I am determined, and I am disciplined…I can, I will, I am.

I will keep finding a way to learn all I can and every time I do not instantly succeed, I will keep on getting back up, dusting off, and restarting my drive. I am smart, and I am me.  I can, I will, I am.

I will pray and I will pursue my dream. I can, I will, and I am.

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An Active Mind Is A Happy Mind

I have been a bad, bad blogger, but I have been a great SAD survivor!

I have always believed that keeping my mind strong and busy would keep me from falling into the trenches of the depression and reclusive behavior that comes with SAD. So this year, I went as far as making a plan. I have studied holistic and alternative health in a course type situation for quite a few years now. But unfortunately and fortunately, I found my perfect place first try. But once I completed their courses, including the doctorate…yep, go big or go home!, I was at a loss. The other schools I have taken courses at since, including another doctorate program, they have lacked greatly in comparison. Could be the course, or could be that I have had such fantastic exposure to various holistic therapies now.

But it is just that, I have done more extensive research in areas that I selected for my thesis’s and dissertation and only have ‘exposure’ to and historical data on so many other fantastic holistic therapies. So for my 2014-2015 hate for winter topic, I chose aromatherapy.

I started trolling the web for all things aromatherapy, but I trolled with caution due to the recent media attention brought to aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. I clicked and clicked and clicked. Ok, actually I touched and swiped as I use a Surface, but clicking sounds better. I eventually found Simply Aroma, a new essential oil party company with an awesome diffuser and a great deal to get one. This kept popping up in my searches, so a little more investigation and I ordered my kit, still thinking…cool diffuser 😊

So, now I have this companies oils, and still have over 100 bottles of oils from other retail companies. I am no expert, but 1. I think their oils are better, they have better smell than the same oil in a different brand, to me anyways. 2. They have blends that are different from the usual blends that other companies have. So many companies have the same oils, but with different names. Their blends are different, and I like that. 3. Ingestion, a hot topic, they take a guarded stance on ingestion. I like that, it made me think, made me experiment, and inevitability…I tried two suggested ingestion methods. The science made sense to me. The experimentation, my own experiments of comparisons and visual proving, made sense to me. Now 2 weeks of use, these oils are amazing.

So I have been busy. In addition to reading and experimenting, I have been product making.  Menthols Sticks, lip balms, lotions, roll-ons, soaps, clay diffusers, and all new oils incorporated.

It may be February, it may be cold, but I am happy and warm with enthusiasm.

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Still Plugging Along In These Cold Winter Months

I didn’t bury myself in a hole, I promise. SAD is an awful thing to battle in these cold winter months, and I just have to keep myself as busy as I can. And I am finding the act of self study to be fabulous. I am so thankful every day for the world of holistic and alternative health.

I have been delving into the company Simply Aroma. An essential oil company only 1 year young and open to combination therapies. Which is fantastic because if you isolate yourself to only one modality… you are missing out on other great ones and when you put them in combination with one another, they can be miraculous.

Not only does self study keep me busy, but it makes me strong. And I believe working with the products, their magical aroma affects me in a positive way, also making me able to battle the panic and fear that overcomes me when I hear the word ‘snow’ or when I look outside into the grey, dismal sky.

It is the second half of January, and with each new day I am one day closer to spring. But until the sunshine returns, I will keep on plugging along.

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Being Your Own Biggest Supporter

Feel like nothing you do is appreciated? Feel worn down when you work so hard to do your best for others? Feel like you try and try, but you are just spinning your wheels? Frustrated and wonder why you keep doing what you are doing?

It’s time to be your own cheerleader. I’m not saying to stop doing your best in other areas of your life. I’m saying it’s time to pat yourself on the back and stop waiting for others to do it for you or beat yourself up when they don’t.

This weekend this concept has become especially evident for me. I am all those feelings I mentioned and then some. But I got tired of feeling miserable and unappreciated. Firstly, I started this blog as a way to put my thoughts into words. To have an accessible diary of things I do. And to put it into the world for all to see, and then see what comes back. I still get excited when I get a notification of a new follower. I love it when someone likes one of my posts. But I was a little saddened that no one had commented. But I kept going…until today. I finally saw where the spam blocker was hoarding all my comments. 19 of them. I managed to restore 7 of them and I was so intrigued. I read the comments, I re-read the posts they where attached to. And I felt a connection along with a feeling of happiness and appreciation. My ‘pat on the back.’ 😊

But wait…there’s more! I had ideas with what I wanted to do with my products and holistic health, but there was something missing. I looked into a couple of options I thought would help complete my concept, but I could not balance my mindset with their business practices; therefore, even with a good product, I could not see me there.

Then, just as internet searching brought me somehow to holistic and alternative health and the perfect school for me back in 2007, I found something. Something that started as a want for a specific product, nothing special, just an awesome looking diffuser at a great price. Well, it came with product, which of course brought out the nerd in me. I started researching and reading, and more reading, and more reading. Yesterday I spend product making, and next up is trialing. Today,  I am an admin of a new group started by leaders on my idea for combining oil use with other holistic therapies. This company is open to forward thought, just like me. I am inspired, I am excited. It is the middle of January, it is cold and dreary, and I feel alive! Maybe the jolt of life came from the giant pat on the back I feel like I have received.

The big life lesson comes in that none of this would have happened without self-motivation and self-appreciation. Continuing to work to be better, smarter, and happy. If I had waited for my pat on the back, it may have never come as I would not be where I am today, which is what is giving me my kudos.     Use this link to order the oils of my inspiration, USA only.     Use this link to get a free ($20 shipping) starter kit or $100 off one of two deluxe kits. I started with the middle kit. Lot’s of oils and the awesome diffuser. No obligation or fees after if you don’t want to remain active, USA only.

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Keeping My Mind Focused on Learning vs. the Figid Cold Temperatures

Last night, the Artic Blast of cold air arrived. Temps are in the 20’s and wind chills in the single digits. Anyone who experiences SAD on any level knows this does not make for a good day, but the world keeps moving and so must I. I just really want to stay in my jammies and snuggle up in the couch with my doggie and sip warm herbal tea with honey. That actually sounds REALLY good.

Instead, I got up and had a couple of cups of coffee, got showered and dressed, fixed my hair and put on make-up, and a thick pair of socks. I have my aromatherapy diffuser at my desk and I’m going to start my morning diffusing Ignite by Simply Aroma. Yep, becoming a part of this company definitely has it’s perks. The diffuser is much better than any other I have used. I will also put a couple of drops of relaxation in my diffuser necklace, then top my protocol off with some Rescue Remedy in my water. A few sips of water and some deep cleansing breaths and I will make it a great day.

So if you wake up this morning and don’t want to be a part of the cold, cold world…consider what I do and find a topic of study that makes you happy. A mind that is calm and focused, doesn’t have the time to think about the weather 😊

Don’t have the aroma tools…

Don’t have rescue…go to your local Vitamin Shoppe or Flower Essence Services online for their Five Flower Blend, or maybe even Amazon.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, nor do I claim to be. This is not meant to replace any advice or medications given to you by a licensed physician.  What works for me, may not work for you or may not be an option for you due to your medical conditions. Please do your own research as I have done mine.

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Self-Study Can Be Fulfilling

For many reasons I won’t go into, I did not go to college after high school. Today, as an honor graduate with good discipline, that seems unlikely. But this was the early 1990’s, a different time in a city much smaller than it is now. After making several decisions that turned out to be wrong when it came to my personal future, I was finally happily married and finding the old me that had been hiding inside for just over a decade.

In a new time with new technology and new options, I found the world of online distance learning and in turn, an interest and talent I didn’t know was there. I found a school with knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors. One in particular made every opportunity to me available to go all the way through the dissertation process, which included developing my own clinical trial. A very scary, but rewarding process. Once I finished the courses, I was lost. I ventured on to the sister school and completed a certification course. One more certification was available, but similar to what I had just completed. I found another school and entered an alternative clinical doctorate program. They transferred many of my previous courses for credit, including accepting my existing dissertation. I found many errors in the courses, and even the books, there was no motivation or enthusiasm from the instructors, and there was no connection with other students. I didn’t even know if others actually existed. My motivation went ‘poof!’ Most recently I obtained access to a short course as part of a package I purchased. After trial and error of the quiz process (trial and error which affected my grade which was necessary due to lack of instructional information), waiting up to a week for answers to a question or grading of a quiz to be able to move on to the next section, I found this course to be informational, but minimal in information and the process was frustrating. Maybe as it was a free course or maybe too many course participants at one time affected the performance of the instructors, but without seeing samples of the advanced courses, I am weary of investing several thousand dollars to enter into a contract with this school. But I love learning!

What I know is that most areas of holistic health are not licensed in the United States.  What I believe is that attending a ‘school’ gives credibility to your knowledge. But I have 2 Doctorate degrees, how much more credibility do I really need? So it’s time for me to put my self-discipline into play and start teaching myself. And I am enjoying it. I read books and if I find them sub-standard quality I either finish them to know what methods to question, or I put them to the junk pile. I enjoyed the report process where I got to choose my own reading material and then do a book report. I do not need to be part of a learning institution to do this.

Self-study can be rewarding and fulfilling. I can invest in me, rather than in others to tell me what I already know how to do. You the inspiration for your own growth and learning. Go to Google type in a word of interest, take the results and keep breaking it down until you isolate your topic, then go for it! Happy learning 😊