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Does The Premise For Homeopathy Also Apply To Essential Oils?

Curiosity gets me every time. I remember from my studies in Homeopathy the law of minimums applies. Yep, less is more.

In homeopathy, there are measurements like 30C, 30M, 30X. The numbers may also change like 300C, 3X, etc.  To make a homeopathic remedy, you start with a mother tincture. The letter in the remedy refers to how much water is used. So, X would be 10 drops, C would be 100 drops, M is 1000 drops, etc. The numbers refers to how many times the combination is agitated, or sucussed as it is called in homeopathy. Put this all together, take 1 drop of mother tincture, add to 100 drops of water, sucuss to make 1C. Take 1 drop of this combination and add it to 100 drops of water then sucuss to make a 2C dilution. One you have repeated this process 30 times, you will have a 30C dilution.

The kicker is the higher the numbers, the stronger the remedy. For example, 3X is a lot weaker than 30C. In our allopathic way of thinking, this makes no sense at all.  but this has been proven in homeopathic research, less is more.

In my own dissertation and personal research, I found the same to be true for Flower Essence Therapy, an energy medicine. In my clinical trial, I provided a single or combination remedy flower essence. The protocol was the recommended 3-4 drops sublingually up to 4 times per day. While effective when the subject was compliant and open to accepting the change, I have since then discovered that an essence seemingly works faster and more profoundly when added to water. This has involved adding 3-4 drops to 8oz, 16oz, even 20oz of water. Then the subject sips on the water throughout the day. Less is more.

In flower essence therapy, it is an energy therapy. In my mind, this concept makes sense. In homeopathy, it starts with a mother tincture. Is tincturing also a process of passing the energetic properties vs. natural chemicals of the plant? This also makes sense to me when taking into consideration the tincturing process and that flower essence therapy came about from Dr. Edward Bach who was a student of Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy.

So, here is my question. Is this also true for essential oils? Is less actually more? And when thinking of an herb like Arnica Montana, which is toxic for ingesting as an herb yet is safe for ingestion as a homeopathic remedy. Does this, when in the right carrier mediums, ring true with essential oils and ingestion?

When I joined Simply Aroma, I learned ingestion was embraced, but with caution. There are some consultants that will jump in with both feet and others that completely condemn the practice. Me? Well, it has brought out the researcher in me.

I did some online research, found a product that involved ingestion, but not in a therapeutic manner. I standardized and adapted the formula. This turned 4 drops of essential oil into over 150 possible doses; whereas, it is now practice to use 1-3 drops for 1 dose.

I am testing this for a same purpose, using 2 oils in conjunction. Ingesting 3 objects of each oil, twice per day. This breaks 4 drops into over 26 days. Taste and portability, along with ease of use is improved. Today is my fifth day. The first 2 days did not produce any noticeable results; however, the last 3 days have netted what I feel are great results. It is my intention to carry this trial for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more details.


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Outside Of My Box

Have you ever been told to step outside of your box? Take a chance? Just go for it and see what happens?

For some of us, at least I know this for me for sure, this is so much easier said than done. What makes it even harder for me is that the area I chose outside of my box is often not taken as seriously as it should be or is reduced to a great simpleness which it should not be. On top of it all, it becomes an area of controversy for it’s lack of respect in both of those manners and it increases my fear in coming out of my little box.

I chose holistic health, or actually it chose me. I simply took an online course in holistic nutrition and I was led from there. Into herbalism, remedy making, homeopathy, naturopathy, energy medicine, stress management and the mind/body connection. And finally my own stress management and essential oil study.

I spend my days studying each aspect, how they work, why they work, how to synergize therapies, and testing the ideas for response. I strive to make the best product I can by mixing in small batches, labeling to the best of my ability, and trying to do everything to the letter using all the information I can find.

I don’t use social media for my reason for ingredients. I use intuition, research, and trial. Every herb, oil, or therapy I have has a purpose. And using this practice, I make products unique in content. Even if I take a non custom essential oil blend, what I add it to makes it different and makes it mine.

I hope one day people see past the people that crank out copy cat recipes; compromise ingredients based on lack of knowledge; or create based on popularity of an ingredient versus education, reason, and intuition.  I hope one day I can come out of my box and am seen for intelligence, integrity, ethics, and quality. I hope one day I can be respected for holding back to do things right and with the highest intentions versus big and now. I hope one day I can step out of my box and see the sunshine down on me and know that I have made it and stayed true to my beliefs.


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Today She Would Be 69

Happy Birthday Mom. Wish you were here. Unfortunately you were taken from us way too soon. 64 is not enough time, so many events you have missed. So much I had not discovered yet, so much I would love to share with you.

Yes, I believe you are looking down from Heaven, but that is not enough for me. I am not being selfish, I am just being your daughter.

Lymphoma is an ugly disease and some are willing to take the risk for a synthetic pain reliever. The commercials have it as a side effect like it is nothing at all. Lymphoma  is evil and it is strong.

I miss you Mom and I wish you were here.

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I Can, I Will, I Am

March is here and it’s time to take action. I have let two cold and dreary months pass be by, and I have not yet begun to fight. I started the day watching an uplifting message on Joel Osteen. In a nutshell, stop believing you can only go as far as others allow you to believe you can go. Believe in yourself and find your strengths and talents and you can be as great as you want to be.

A mantra formed in my head. I can, I will, I am.

My timing in life has afforded me to work for everything I have. I have never received anything I haven’t worked for or paid for. In return I have ethics, determination, self discipline, and determination. I am motivated and I seek to have the same energy around me.

I started my journey in self growth in February 2007, it has been 8 years and I have loved every moment. I hunger for knowledge in holistic and alternative health. I thrive off of the successes taking methodology into practice. And I aspire to practice a true combination of therapies. I fear that I will never have any of this completely due to being me. Where others have the support of extended families and their families, I am here with my husband, my sister is half way across the country, other family I barely know are an ocean away. I am me, and this is it. But I am smart, I am determined, and I am disciplined…I can, I will, I am.

I will keep finding a way to learn all I can and every time I do not instantly succeed, I will keep on getting back up, dusting off, and restarting my drive. I am smart, and I am me.  I can, I will, I am.

I will pray and I will pursue my dream. I can, I will, and I am.

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Still Fulfilling My Need To Learn

Am I so strange that I have this obsessive need to learn? I find excitement in learning something an oil, an herb, an essence, a holistic therapy can accomplish. I have a need to try it, to see the magic for myself, to find ways to use this new find for ease in implementation. And I love to share my knowledge and my passion, but (yes, there always has to be a but) I am finding the neediness of others wanting the information, but not wanting to put forth any effort stifling. I feel devalued in my knowledge, like my knowledge is not worth anything. In my quest to learn more about holistic therapies, I am finding that I am learning from history and from my own trials, and I am passing knowledge on to others; however, I am not respected in the field for my accomplishments.

I find myself questioning why others are in the field I seek so hard to be a part of when they don’t put forth independent effort. I am trying to discover how I can use my knowledge as a future career for myself with the tools I have at hand. Like so many others, I have lottery winning dreams, I have a set up sketched out in my mind, I have locations I look at almost daily, I even have a shop schedule planned. But will it ever happen? I don’t know, but I can dream. I find myself stopping and dreaming as I type this and I come back around with smile on my face and my dreams rekindle my passion for learning.

On the upside, I do love to inspire and to motivate. Oh, the dilemmas. I have so much I want to do, so much I want to accomplish, but I lack in the how. How to start. How to make it work. How everything.

For now I will continue fulfilling my need to learn and I will keep on dreaming. Maybe I will discover an essence or an oil, an herb or a holistic therapy that an help me make my dreams come true.

Hmmm…a quick thought, there is snow on the ground. The temperatures have been lower than they have been in over 20 years here. I don’t get cabin fever as others do, I have no problem finding things to do in the house. I just don’t like the cold on the snow. Maybe that’s where my pessimistic thought is coming from. SAD rears it’s ugly head in so many different ways.

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An Active Mind Is A Happy Mind

I have been a bad, bad blogger, but I have been a great SAD survivor!

I have always believed that keeping my mind strong and busy would keep me from falling into the trenches of the depression and reclusive behavior that comes with SAD. So this year, I went as far as making a plan. I have studied holistic and alternative health in a course type situation for quite a few years now. But unfortunately and fortunately, I found my perfect place first try. But once I completed their courses, including the doctorate…yep, go big or go home!, I was at a loss. The other schools I have taken courses at since, including another doctorate program, they have lacked greatly in comparison. Could be the course, or could be that I have had such fantastic exposure to various holistic therapies now.

But it is just that, I have done more extensive research in areas that I selected for my thesis’s and dissertation and only have ‘exposure’ to and historical data on so many other fantastic holistic therapies. So for my 2014-2015 hate for winter topic, I chose aromatherapy.

I started trolling the web for all things aromatherapy, but I trolled with caution due to the recent media attention brought to aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. I clicked and clicked and clicked. Ok, actually I touched and swiped as I use a Surface, but clicking sounds better. I eventually found Simply Aroma, a new essential oil party company with an awesome diffuser and a great deal to get one. This kept popping up in my searches, so a little more investigation and I ordered my kit, still thinking…cool diffuser 😊

So, now I have this companies oils, and still have over 100 bottles of oils from other retail companies. I am no expert, but 1. I think their oils are better, they have better smell than the same oil in a different brand, to me anyways. 2. They have blends that are different from the usual blends that other companies have. So many companies have the same oils, but with different names. Their blends are different, and I like that. 3. Ingestion, a hot topic, they take a guarded stance on ingestion. I like that, it made me think, made me experiment, and inevitability…I tried two suggested ingestion methods. The science made sense to me. The experimentation, my own experiments of comparisons and visual proving, made sense to me. Now 2 weeks of use, these oils are amazing.

So I have been busy. In addition to reading and experimenting, I have been product making.  Menthols Sticks, lip balms, lotions, roll-ons, soaps, clay diffusers, and all new oils incorporated.

It may be February, it may be cold, but I am happy and warm with enthusiasm.

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Still Plugging Along In These Cold Winter Months

I didn’t bury myself in a hole, I promise. SAD is an awful thing to battle in these cold winter months, and I just have to keep myself as busy as I can. And I am finding the act of self study to be fabulous. I am so thankful every day for the world of holistic and alternative health.

I have been delving into the company Simply Aroma. An essential oil company only 1 year young and open to combination therapies. Which is fantastic because if you isolate yourself to only one modality… you are missing out on other great ones and when you put them in combination with one another, they can be miraculous.

Not only does self study keep me busy, but it makes me strong. And I believe working with the products, their magical aroma affects me in a positive way, also making me able to battle the panic and fear that overcomes me when I hear the word ‘snow’ or when I look outside into the grey, dismal sky.

It is the second half of January, and with each new day I am one day closer to spring. But until the sunshine returns, I will keep on plugging along.