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Spring-ing In To Action

It is hard to make changes from the winter funk to a happy and energetic Spring without making changes to your environment. There are so many things you can do. Clean out your pantry and fridge. Wipe down cabinets and baseboards. Clean the blinds. Today, I sprayed the tile backsplash in my kitchen with peppermint essential oil in distilled water and wiped it down. It was enough to bring a little shine to my tile, but every time I walk in the kitchen I get that yummy, refreshing smell of peppermint that picks me up. Now I am thinking of what all I can spray down with my peppermint spray. I am thinking the bathrooms are next.

Additionally, I have joined a challenge group. They can be found all over the web and many are free to join. For me, this group is free, but it incorporates the Sinopec Oils from Simply Aroma. Look for Sinopec under packages. The challenge starts tomorrow, so today I am getting my oils and calendar ready to go. I will be accountable to the group and to me accountability for choices is huge.

Finally, do something. Just get off your couch and do SOMETHING! Go for a walk or a bike ride. Deep scrub a room at a time. Organize your closet. Do crunches and squats during commercial breaks. Just do something to get the blood pumping. I am going to put Ignite essential oil in my diffuser and see if it really gives me a boost. If it does, my diffuser necklace is next.

Use of and testing the oils is putting my winter research into action. Just one more way I’m Spring-ing in to Action.


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The Way To Get Started Is…

So it is the middle of March and I am getting up with the dog and laying down on the couch. I have all the things necessary to get moving and exercise, and I am laying on the couch. One morning I did some squats, some crunches, and there was something else but I can’t remember what it was. Another¬†day I was really motivated, but I didn’t have my workout clothes. So maybe I was motivated because I didn’t have my workout clothes. Either way…I’m lazy ūüėĘ

I really have to get off my butt and move. So this evening I got out a set of workout clothes complete with socks and put them on the dresser, ready for grabbing when the dog gets up.

What better way to get started than to get started? I can always find excuses, but it takes real power to take my excuses out of the equation. So now we will see what happens next. I have committed to a Sinopec Detox group challenge that starts on March 28th, so then I have no choice…I made a commitment.

Wanna get a Sinopec Detox set and join the challenge?¬†¬†¬†¬† Select the category ‘packages’ then ‘Sinopec Detox’ There are two options in which to choose, and FREE SHIP straight to you.

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Self Improvement In-Progress

So, I believe in adding life improvement steps one at a time. Practice it, master it, and then add to it. 
Water is my first step. It’s not that I don’t like water,  I love water. No tap water, but I like to drink bottled water. I don’t need it flavored,  actually the drops and powders are way too sweet for me.
My problem is remembering to drink water.  I plan to do it. While in the middle of something I think to myself that as soon as I get done with what I am doing I will get up and get my water,  but then it is the end of the day and I don’t want to drink a bunch of water then spend my night up and down to the bathroom.
So today I start my venture for memory, remembering to drink my water.
Part of the hurdle conquering is having it there to grab vs. an empty cup. The trick, I’m going to make it a part of my morning routine.
My essential oils, OMG I love my Slenderize,  along with the glimpses of Spring weather are controlling my appetite. Snacking is down as is portion size. Nothing I planned, I really think it is my oil. And a pleasant surprise as none have ever really worked before.
Today is Tuesday,  I failed water yesterday. But today is new day, to start all over again.  Today I will put away my lunch and fill my cup with some cool, clear, thirst quenching water.

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Today She Would Be 69

Happy Birthday Mom. Wish you were here. Unfortunately you were taken from us way too soon. 64 is not enough time, so many events you have missed. So much I had not discovered yet, so much I would love to share with you.

Yes, I believe you are looking down from Heaven, but that is not enough for me. I am not being selfish, I am just being your daughter.

Lymphoma is an ugly disease and some are willing to take the risk for a synthetic pain reliever. The commercials have it as a side effect like it is nothing at all. Lymphoma  is evil and it is strong.

I miss you Mom and I wish you were here.

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I Can, I Will, I Am

March is here and it’s time to take action. I have let two cold and dreary months pass be by, and I have not yet begun to fight. I started the day watching an uplifting message on Joel Osteen. In a nutshell, stop believing you can only go as far as others allow you to believe you can go. Believe in yourself and find your strengths and talents and you can be as great as you want to be.

A mantra formed in my head. I can, I will, I am.

My timing in life has afforded me to work for everything I have. I have never received anything I haven’t worked for or paid for. In return I have ethics, determination, self discipline, and determination. I am motivated and I seek to have the same energy around me.

I started my journey in self growth in February 2007, it has been 8 years and I have loved every moment. I hunger for knowledge in holistic and alternative health. I thrive off of the successes taking methodology into practice. And I aspire to practice a true combination of therapies. I fear that I will never have any of this completely due to being me. Where others have the support of extended families and their families, I am here with my husband, my sister is half way across the country, other family I barely know are an ocean away. I am me, and this is it. But I am smart, I am determined, and I am disciplined…I can, I will, I am.

I will keep finding a way to learn all I can and every time I do not instantly succeed, I will keep on getting back up, dusting off, and restarting my drive. I am smart, and I am me.  I can, I will, I am.

I will pray and I will pursue my dream. I can, I will, and I am.

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March 1 Is Around The Corner, What Am I Going To Do About It?

Today s February  24th, this time next week it will be March. The dreaded winter should start withering away. Natures greenery and beautiful flowers should start to reappear. The sounds of birds should be heard instead of the roaring of the heater. But what am I going to do about it?

I am going to welcome it with open arms of course. January 1 is just too depressing to be a time for change, so my day of renewal is going to be March 1st. But I am going to set myself up for success. One thing at a time. Over the last 2 weeks, I have successfully implemented most of my essential oil routine and this week I will get it down to a natural habit. Easy goal. My goal for the first week of March is water. I love water, I just forget to drink it. Then at bedtime I realize I have not drank anything since my morning coffee…not good at all. And bedtime is not the ideal time to down 30-40oz of water.

I will also be back to blogging more regularly to track my ‘Season of Change.’ So see you soon as a water drinking master ūüėä

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Still Fulfilling My Need To Learn

Am I so strange that I have this obsessive need to learn? I find excitement in learning something an oil, an herb, an essence, a holistic therapy can accomplish. I have a need to try it, to see the magic for myself, to find ways to use this new find for ease in implementation. And I love to share my knowledge and my passion, but (yes, there always has to be a but) I am finding the neediness of others wanting the information, but not wanting to put forth any effort stifling. I feel devalued in my knowledge, like my knowledge is not worth anything. In my quest to learn more about holistic therapies, I am finding that I am learning from history and from my own trials, and I am passing knowledge on to others; however, I am not respected in the field for my accomplishments.

I find myself questioning why others are in the field I seek so hard to be a part of when they don’t put forth independent¬†effort. I am trying to discover how I can use my knowledge as a future career for myself with the tools I have at hand. Like so many others, I have lottery winning dreams, I have a set up sketched out in my mind, I have locations I look at almost daily, I even have a shop schedule planned. But will it ever happen? I don’t know, but I can dream. I find myself stopping and dreaming as I type this and I come back around with smile on my face and my dreams rekindle my passion for learning.

On the upside, I do love to inspire and to motivate. Oh, the dilemmas. I have so much I want to do, so much I want to accomplish, but I lack in the how. How to start. How to make it work. How everything.

For now I will continue fulfilling my need to learn and I will keep on dreaming. Maybe I will discover an essence or an oil, an herb or a holistic therapy that an help me make my dreams come true.

Hmmm…a quick thought, there is snow on the ground. The temperatures have been lower than they have been in over 20 years here. I don’t get cabin fever as others do, I have no problem finding things to do in the house. I just don’t like the cold on the snow. Maybe that’s where my pessimistic thought is coming from. SAD rears it’s ugly head in so many different ways.