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The Researcher In Me

I am not sure if my curiosity is a blessing or a curse. Trying to turn my passion into a livelihood is proving to be more difficult than it seemed.

I present with motivation and knowledge, but it seems people are more likely to listen from and participate with the mommy in their kids play group than someone with education and has done research.

They of course want me to tell them things. Lots of questions come at me like I am up for testing, but it does not develop for me.

Could it be that I will not lie and have them believe that what I do will cure them of what ails them? That it is merely a suggestion to help. Could it be that I do not preach the use as the almighty in a cult like fashion? I choose to take the more Christian – like approach and share the information as an option.

I guess this just further proves I am an instructor, a developer, and a researcher.

Gotta keep working on the thought process of where I am and where I am going in this line. And buy a lottery ticket and cross my fingers to win and set up my dream store and wellness center.

Maybe it’s that I am a worker. Too willing to do the work and put in the time. But as a worker, I will keep putting in the time and doing what I believe in. Because I also believe that when you do what is right, good things will come.


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More Than You Think

Being in the Holistic Health area was unknown to me until I had the urge to learn and found my passion. Enrolled in a holistic nutrition course, I wanted to learn more and more. I was a part of a school that grew by leaps and bounds until it outgrew itself and eventually closed, but not before I took full advantage of all the school had to offer and completed the dissertation process and earned my degree, PHDHH.
Knowing there was still more to learn, I attended my school’s sister school for a weight management course, but it really was not offering anything I hadn’t already done. I attended another school offering doctorate level courses and was accredited by the same board I was a member of, but it’s coursework I did not feel was even close to doctorate level. No papers to write, no individual research, just read and answer questions. Much of the time I was emailing for clarification as there were many typo’s in the course work that actually changed the way the question would be answered. I even found an error in one of the textbooks that ended in email exchange with the publisher. But me being me, I plugged along and obtained my second doctorate degree.
From this experience, I decided that my best future learning will probably be self discipline learning.
With that in mind, I chose essential oils as my winter focus.  Unfortunately I chose this at a time that essential oils hit the spotlight.
After rejecting invitations to join ds oil companies in the past, it was just a feeling I had; I found an oil company on my own. A new company, no obligations. So I tried it.
I made it though my winter study focus and am still going strong.  I love the oils! And they are releasing new ones, so I am still learning. 
The oil blends this company has are a great quality and using some of them, I have designed some new projects, which brings me to my ‘feelings’ today.
At an event this weekend, a lady looked at my products. I told her they are made by me, infusing herbs, blending, … etc. She looked at me and said she knew about it because her daughter in Ohio told her something about it. And this was not a complimentary comment like my stuff is so awesome it is a topic of conversation half way across the country in Ohio, but more like a ‘you are like everyone else’ type of comment.
What I am learning as I search for like minded groups is that I am unique.
Herbalists are all about herbs. Supplement people are all about supplements.  Essential oil people are all about oils.
Me…I am all about holistic health. Combining alternative therapies for the best possible outcome.  Boost the power of one with the magic of another.
Yes, you could use one modality, but be open minded to learn and embrace others.
My products are my science. My brainstorm of herbs, the oil I infuse them in, the modalities I combine, in what form, and why. I have a reason for each ingredient I put in my products. I don’t make products on a bad mood day, so all of my products are furthered with my positive energy.
So if you get any of my products know that it also has, even though it’s not on the label, my education,  my research, my brainstorming, my trialing, my heart and soul, and my positive energy. Even as I type this, I am smiling. I love creating and I love developing.

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Self Improvement In-Progress

So, I believe in adding life improvement steps one at a time. Practice it, master it, and then add to it. 
Water is my first step. It’s not that I don’t like water,  I love water. No tap water, but I like to drink bottled water. I don’t need it flavored,  actually the drops and powders are way too sweet for me.
My problem is remembering to drink water.  I plan to do it. While in the middle of something I think to myself that as soon as I get done with what I am doing I will get up and get my water,  but then it is the end of the day and I don’t want to drink a bunch of water then spend my night up and down to the bathroom.
So today I start my venture for memory, remembering to drink my water.
Part of the hurdle conquering is having it there to grab vs. an empty cup. The trick, I’m going to make it a part of my morning routine.
My essential oils, OMG I love my Slenderize,  along with the glimpses of Spring weather are controlling my appetite. Snacking is down as is portion size. Nothing I planned, I really think it is my oil. And a pleasant surprise as none have ever really worked before.
Today is Tuesday,  I failed water yesterday. But today is new day, to start all over again.  Today I will put away my lunch and fill my cup with some cool, clear, thirst quenching water.

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Why I Need To Just Get Over It

Trying to have a happy holiday season is no easy task.

As an immigrant, most of my family is across an ocean. My parents passed away and my only sister is half way across this country. Here I have my husband and son, and he has 2 sisters that live fairly close, less than an hour away, and they have children and grandchildren. A sister lives with his Mom and acts as her caretaker.

My need is to provide a happy, festive day for anyone that wants to be a part. But what do you do when you have everything planned, even days off work to take care of it all and those that are supposed to come, last minute change plans, and ask me to do it the day before or after. Um, this is now a gift exchange because my family is not going to sit on Christmas to celebrate around your schedule.

Why is the happiest time of the year filled with stress, sadness, and selfishness? I have been so hurt by the selfishness of others that I am now having symptoms of illness without actually being sick. My whole digestive tract is tore up and all I taste is acid. As a person that doesn’t get sick and never experiences digestive disturbances, this is completely debilitating. Sadly, I just want Christmas to be over. And I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. But I need to get over it. Some people; family and not, do not think outside of their own little boxes. They won’t do for themselves, they sit and wait for others to tend to things, and they will not change. This is how it is, I need to get over it and stop letting it take a toll on my mind, body, and spirit.

I hope this reaches one person, either like them or like me.

So what I ask of you today is to run through your head what comes out of your mouth before it does. Do you have the ‘right’ words? And remember text messages that have one meaning in word emphasis when you read it, may have a completely different emphasis and meaning when the recipient reads it.

Consider the feelings and possible situation of others. The holidays are a hard time for many. Don’t make it all about giving and receiving tangible gifts. Remember peace, love, and joy.

If you are like me, get over it. Don’t let it take the good out of you. Don’t let their toxicness poison you. Don’t give in to their needs. Make your own memories. And have a very Merry Christmas!

Today I will be diffusing something uplifting.