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Does The Premise For Homeopathy Also Apply To Essential Oils?

Curiosity gets me every time. I remember from my studies in Homeopathy the law of minimums applies. Yep, less is more.

In homeopathy, there are measurements like 30C, 30M, 30X. The numbers may also change like 300C, 3X, etc.  To make a homeopathic remedy, you start with a mother tincture. The letter in the remedy refers to how much water is used. So, X would be 10 drops, C would be 100 drops, M is 1000 drops, etc. The numbers refers to how many times the combination is agitated, or sucussed as it is called in homeopathy. Put this all together, take 1 drop of mother tincture, add to 100 drops of water, sucuss to make 1C. Take 1 drop of this combination and add it to 100 drops of water then sucuss to make a 2C dilution. One you have repeated this process 30 times, you will have a 30C dilution.

The kicker is the higher the numbers, the stronger the remedy. For example, 3X is a lot weaker than 30C. In our allopathic way of thinking, this makes no sense at all.  but this has been proven in homeopathic research, less is more.

In my own dissertation and personal research, I found the same to be true for Flower Essence Therapy, an energy medicine. In my clinical trial, I provided a single or combination remedy flower essence. The protocol was the recommended 3-4 drops sublingually up to 4 times per day. While effective when the subject was compliant and open to accepting the change, I have since then discovered that an essence seemingly works faster and more profoundly when added to water. This has involved adding 3-4 drops to 8oz, 16oz, even 20oz of water. Then the subject sips on the water throughout the day. Less is more.

In flower essence therapy, it is an energy therapy. In my mind, this concept makes sense. In homeopathy, it starts with a mother tincture. Is tincturing also a process of passing the energetic properties vs. natural chemicals of the plant? This also makes sense to me when taking into consideration the tincturing process and that flower essence therapy came about from Dr. Edward Bach who was a student of Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy.

So, here is my question. Is this also true for essential oils? Is less actually more? And when thinking of an herb like Arnica Montana, which is toxic for ingesting as an herb yet is safe for ingestion as a homeopathic remedy. Does this, when in the right carrier mediums, ring true with essential oils and ingestion?

When I joined Simply Aroma, I learned ingestion was embraced, but with caution. There are some consultants that will jump in with both feet and others that completely condemn the practice. Me? Well, it has brought out the researcher in me.

I did some online research, found a product that involved ingestion, but not in a therapeutic manner. I standardized and adapted the formula. This turned 4 drops of essential oil into over 150 possible doses; whereas, it is now practice to use 1-3 drops for 1 dose.

I am testing this for a same purpose, using 2 oils in conjunction. Ingesting 3 objects of each oil, twice per day. This breaks 4 drops into over 26 days. Taste and portability, along with ease of use is improved. Today is my fifth day. The first 2 days did not produce any noticeable results; however, the last 3 days have netted what I feel are great results. It is my intention to carry this trial for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more details.


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The Researcher In Me

I am not sure if my curiosity is a blessing or a curse. Trying to turn my passion into a livelihood is proving to be more difficult than it seemed.

I present with motivation and knowledge, but it seems people are more likely to listen from and participate with the mommy in their kids play group than someone with education and has done research.

They of course want me to tell them things. Lots of questions come at me like I am up for testing, but it does not develop for me.

Could it be that I will not lie and have them believe that what I do will cure them of what ails them? That it is merely a suggestion to help. Could it be that I do not preach the use as the almighty in a cult like fashion? I choose to take the more Christian – like approach and share the information as an option.

I guess this just further proves I am an instructor, a developer, and a researcher.

Gotta keep working on the thought process of where I am and where I am going in this line. And buy a lottery ticket and cross my fingers to win and set up my dream store and wellness center.

Maybe it’s that I am a worker. Too willing to do the work and put in the time. But as a worker, I will keep putting in the time and doing what I believe in. Because I also believe that when you do what is right, good things will come.

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Moving On and Up

May has been a big month for me. I did something I have never done in my whole life. I went on a weekend trip for ME. Not to see family, not with family, not for any reason but for me.
I went to a motivational training seminar for #SimplyAroma. It was the #Quan in Chicago. I met people I had seen online and others I had interacted with online. Not as big or active as other #Quan events so far, but I think that was probably a blessing.
Closer to time to leave I started to feel guilty about doing this for me, but hind-sight, I am so glad I went.
Having involvement in the world of holistic medicine since 2007, I have used many brands of oils. I am not an expert, but I know what I like, and I like #SimplyAroma oils.
As excited I get about the acute and chronic results using Flower Essence Therapy,  I get this with #SimplyAroma oils.
Grace on my face, Slenderize and Sinopec oils on my tummy, Ignite in my necklace, Endo-fit rolled on my throat, Lavender and Lullaby in my room, Restore to remove food smells from my home,  Deflect wards off the bugs, Claire has made my son almost acne free, Wild Orange cleans my kitchen, and Peel in my lotion.
I never used oils like this before. I didn’t get what the hype was. But it was because all that I read was based on suffering. To use oils, you don’t need to be suffering. There is so much to enjoy and promote wellness. And THAT is what makes it SO FUN! Oils can be for everyone, a part of your life, EVERYDAY!

Join me. Share your knowledge or share in mine. Join now. Watch the video at
The go to my website at and use the code to get your #freekit with 6 – 5ml bottles of essential oils and 6oz of fractionated coconut oil along with start up materials, shipped to you for only $20.
I never thought I would be a part of a company like this. But there was an energy,  something that kept pulling me back to #SimplyAroma. And here I am now, and what I know is there is so much great positive energy, I am here to stay.

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Outside Of My Box

Have you ever been told to step outside of your box? Take a chance? Just go for it and see what happens?

For some of us, at least I know this for me for sure, this is so much easier said than done. What makes it even harder for me is that the area I chose outside of my box is often not taken as seriously as it should be or is reduced to a great simpleness which it should not be. On top of it all, it becomes an area of controversy for it’s lack of respect in both of those manners and it increases my fear in coming out of my little box.

I chose holistic health, or actually it chose me. I simply took an online course in holistic nutrition and I was led from there. Into herbalism, remedy making, homeopathy, naturopathy, energy medicine, stress management and the mind/body connection. And finally my own stress management and essential oil study.

I spend my days studying each aspect, how they work, why they work, how to synergize therapies, and testing the ideas for response. I strive to make the best product I can by mixing in small batches, labeling to the best of my ability, and trying to do everything to the letter using all the information I can find.

I don’t use social media for my reason for ingredients. I use intuition, research, and trial. Every herb, oil, or therapy I have has a purpose. And using this practice, I make products unique in content. Even if I take a non custom essential oil blend, what I add it to makes it different and makes it mine.

I hope one day people see past the people that crank out copy cat recipes; compromise ingredients based on lack of knowledge; or create based on popularity of an ingredient versus education, reason, and intuition.  I hope one day I can come out of my box and am seen for intelligence, integrity, ethics, and quality. I hope one day I can be respected for holding back to do things right and with the highest intentions versus big and now. I hope one day I can step out of my box and see the sunshine down on me and know that I have made it and stayed true to my beliefs.


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More Than You Think

Being in the Holistic Health area was unknown to me until I had the urge to learn and found my passion. Enrolled in a holistic nutrition course, I wanted to learn more and more. I was a part of a school that grew by leaps and bounds until it outgrew itself and eventually closed, but not before I took full advantage of all the school had to offer and completed the dissertation process and earned my degree, PHDHH.
Knowing there was still more to learn, I attended my school’s sister school for a weight management course, but it really was not offering anything I hadn’t already done. I attended another school offering doctorate level courses and was accredited by the same board I was a member of, but it’s coursework I did not feel was even close to doctorate level. No papers to write, no individual research, just read and answer questions. Much of the time I was emailing for clarification as there were many typo’s in the course work that actually changed the way the question would be answered. I even found an error in one of the textbooks that ended in email exchange with the publisher. But me being me, I plugged along and obtained my second doctorate degree.
From this experience, I decided that my best future learning will probably be self discipline learning.
With that in mind, I chose essential oils as my winter focus.  Unfortunately I chose this at a time that essential oils hit the spotlight.
After rejecting invitations to join ds oil companies in the past, it was just a feeling I had; I found an oil company on my own. A new company, no obligations. So I tried it.
I made it though my winter study focus and am still going strong.  I love the oils! And they are releasing new ones, so I am still learning. 
The oil blends this company has are a great quality and using some of them, I have designed some new projects, which brings me to my ‘feelings’ today.
At an event this weekend, a lady looked at my products. I told her they are made by me, infusing herbs, blending, … etc. She looked at me and said she knew about it because her daughter in Ohio told her something about it. And this was not a complimentary comment like my stuff is so awesome it is a topic of conversation half way across the country in Ohio, but more like a ‘you are like everyone else’ type of comment.
What I am learning as I search for like minded groups is that I am unique.
Herbalists are all about herbs. Supplement people are all about supplements.  Essential oil people are all about oils.
Me…I am all about holistic health. Combining alternative therapies for the best possible outcome.  Boost the power of one with the magic of another.
Yes, you could use one modality, but be open minded to learn and embrace others.
My products are my science. My brainstorm of herbs, the oil I infuse them in, the modalities I combine, in what form, and why. I have a reason for each ingredient I put in my products. I don’t make products on a bad mood day, so all of my products are furthered with my positive energy.
So if you get any of my products know that it also has, even though it’s not on the label, my education,  my research, my brainstorming, my trialing, my heart and soul, and my positive energy. Even as I type this, I am smiling. I love creating and I love developing.

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Feeling Alone

Do you ever feel like even though there is nothing wrong with you, you just don’t belong?

I do not consider myself depressed, I get ’emotional times,’ I am human, but as a whole…not depressed.

But everywhere I am drawn to, I do not belong. Take blogging…I am not a mother to small children or a homeschooling mom. I do not attend all the Mommy groups, but I have the interests that keep bringing me back to these groups.

I want to get out there, but I am not suffering from any ailment, and I use my knowledge and experience with alternative health to take care of anything I need. But there are not groups for strong, smart, take action for your own decision and don’t have health issues type groups.

Let’s see, I was an immigrant…from England, no support groups there, plus I was so young…I am more American now. I have lost both parents, but I live in a different state so no one around me saw their or my pain…so it does not exist. Sometimes I think I have put that on a back burner, since there is no where to get that family supportive feeling I look for, why bother. I do know it is not something I need to ‘talk’ about. I have handled that aspect, it is loss of the family support feeling I need.

On an ‘up’ note, I was a single mom and handled by own business even then, and it earned me an amazing husband I will celebrate my 10th anniversary with in just a couple of weeks. HE is so supportive of me and everything I do. Without him, I know I would not be the strong person I am, because he allows me the space I need to be strong.

And my newest endeavor, to self-advance my knowledge in aromatherapy, drew me to a hybrid type sales group. I do not have the ‘group’ base to have a forum to share. I am trying to share within the groups. But a posting here or there does not provide adequate information, nor can I obtain an adequate case intake to provide a quality response. I feel like I am just spinning my wheels. Just looking again for a connection that is not there.

So this has actually turned into a brain storming session for me. There it is again, self-help. Time to stop whining and waiting for opportunity to come to me. I need to discover what all makes me different…better than others. It’s time to take my can do attitude and put it to real work. And I have to do it for me. I have to wrap my head around the fact that the extended family connection I want isn’t going to happen, embrace what I have, and charge forward.

So some deep breathing, Ignite essential oil for positive energy, and now to find with flower essence will give me strength and confidence…time to get busy.


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Believe in Yourself

This one is often easier said than done, but you have to believe in yourself.
I have an especially hard time with this as I battle my own demons.
As an immigrant from many, many years ago, I had limited family close by. Since losing both parents in 2010 and 2012 when they were both still so young  (in their 60’s) to cancer and cancer related conditions,  my family support is even more limited (to a sister and her hubby half way across the country, my hubby, and son). I battle my jealousy when I see so many getting across the board support from family, extended family, and more family; this is not even an option for me. So I have to believe in myself or how else could a ‘stranger’ trust in my word.
This is where I pull so much of my motivation and inspiration…from within myself.  I am so much stronger than I ever realized I was. This blog may only reach me, but even as I type these words, I am smiling just a little as I know I have the strength to keep going and keep pursuing.
I have pride in what I know, in what I make, and in all that I do. I have dreams of the ability to openly share all of me with others. I grow a little more all the time, putting myself out there. And by being out there,  I run the risk of failure,  but one day I may get noticed. Someone may see me and believe in me too and that’s what I see. And this idea keeps me going, pushes me to keep learning and growing as a producer and potential educator in the world of holistic and alternative health.
Today you get Debbie the blogger…but the sky’s the limit and I am here for the challenge. 
Everyday is a new day and I say “welcome.”
Wanna see what makes me smile? My newest ‘out there hurdle’ is my Facebook page