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Welcome. My name is Debbie and I love the world of Holistic and Alternative health.

I never thought I would be saying this, I did not grow up knowing this type of idea even existed.

In 1979, my parents, sister, and I immigrated from England to Texas with only a suitcase each. After all, this was a time before the world wide web which has made our world quite a bit smaller. My parents were not college educated and did the best they could. Over the years we became a ‘typical American family.’

In 1995, I had my son and within 2 weeks, I moved to northern Michigan. Here I became somewhat withdrawn and stayed inside, mostly due to the weather. Next move was Tennessee, where I absolutely loved, loved, loved. Then, next came Virginia, where I am today.

I was just going through the motions of life, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, going to bed, then doing it again.  In 2005, I married my wonderful husband.  One day, even though I was happy , I realized I needed more. More for my mind. I had been smart in school, but a combination of lack of influence from family and school administration with my lack of knowing to pursue my own information, I never went on to college. My husband’s suggestion was to Google my interests until I find what I am looking for.

I discovered distance learning and post vocational secondary education. Now this was early in 2007, and this world was just starting to take off. I enrolled in a course for nutrition (I had just started going to a gym), but not just any nutrition. Not interested in ‘dieting,’ I found a course in holistic nutrition and enrolled in a school called Global College of Natural Medicine (GCNM). I loved it, and I did well. This course dabbled into herbalism. So I went on to the Master Herbalist course. Then the school released their newly accredited (through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, AADP) degree programs. One more course for certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and I was moving on for a Bachelor’s degree. Here I learned about more alternative therapies and the mind, body, spirit connection. Doing my own trials while learning the various therapies, my interest grew along with my passion. So I moved on to the Master’s program, and eventually obtained my PhD in Holistic Health in 2012. (GCNM was growing by leaps and bounds before abruptly closing in 2012 without notice or explanation. The information in the courses and independent research assignments combined with the passion and dedication of the instructor’s was fantastic. I am proud to be one of only a couple of people in the world fortunate enough to have earned the Doctorate Degree prior to the school closing.)

My accomplishments did not come without setbacks though. In 2010, my Mom (age 64) lost a two year battle with Lymphoma. My result was sadness followed my loss of motivation, stopped going to the gym, and gained weight. I pulled it back together only to lose my Dad (age 67) in 2012. He had conquered melanoma’s, lymphoma, and esophageal cancer only to succumb to a massive stroke. Two months later, my son graduated high school, and I had to pull it back together again.

Having a great hunger to learn more, I was out of courses at GCNM. I had completed the ultimate task, in my mind, of the dissertation process. My chosen therapy was Bach Flower Essence Therapy and I conducted my own clinical trial. So I enrolled in GCNM’s sister school. The Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness (VICNW) for certification as a Weight Management Coach Practitioner (WMCP). I still needed more.

I went back to Google and found The New Eden School of Natural Health. They had several courses, but with my base education, I went for their Alternative Medicine Diplomate Degree (AMD).  It was different from my other courses, and did not have independent research and I felt empty, but I finished it out and April 1, 2014 I obtained my degree. I pursued information on my own by playing with my herb collection. I developed my now ‘signature’ blend for basic skin wellness. I infused it in oils and found a company providing a paraben free lotion base to distribute my oils. I also developed my favorite blend for lips and started making lip butters. I started experimenting with the addition of essential oils to my lotions, selecting essential oils for their wellness profiles as I did with herbs and oils.

My friends love my products and demanded more. While I stick to the blends I have grown to love, I always want to make things better. I have added zinc oxide to my lip butters, I add a splash of a high quality olive oil to many of my products, I have played with my love of flower essence therapy and have now added them to lip butters. I found an herb, new to me, suggested for a tea, I infused and went topical them imposed on friends to trial along with me. They were eager to do so and the results have been positive. And I have added cold processed soap to my line up. Now I am expanding my soaping boundaries.

With the rapidly approaching holiday season, I have committed to a couple of craft shows with the intention of paying for my entry fees, raw materials, and I have found a new course I would like to take. Sharing my hobby with others is a great source of joy. It keeps me busy making products, it gives me motivation when others love what I make, and I have rediscovered my love for writing.

So, with that, I welcome you to my blog. Here I plan to share my knowledge, trials, successes, and failures (of which I hope there are none, but it happens). As I share my passion for Holistic and Alternative health, I hope my blog inspires you while fulfilling my need to write.


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