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The Researcher In Me

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I am not sure if my curiosity is a blessing or a curse. Trying to turn my passion into a livelihood is proving to be more difficult than it seemed.

I present with motivation and knowledge, but it seems people are more likely to listen from and participate with the mommy in their kids play group than someone with education and has done research.

They of course want me to tell them things. Lots of questions come at me like I am up for testing, but it does not develop for me.

Could it be that I will not lie and have them believe that what I do will cure them of what ails them? That it is merely a suggestion to help. Could it be that I do not preach the use as the almighty in a cult like fashion? I choose to take the more Christian – like approach and share the information as an option.

I guess this just further proves I am an instructor, a developer, and a researcher.

Gotta keep working on the thought process of where I am and where I am going in this line. And buy a lottery ticket and cross my fingers to win and set up my dream store and wellness center.

Maybe it’s that I am a worker. Too willing to do the work and put in the time. But as a worker, I will keep putting in the time and doing what I believe in. Because I also believe that when you do what is right, good things will come.


Author: holisticdeb

Holistic Health, what does it mean? How hard is it to do? Does it cost a lot of money? To me, it means taking responsibility for your life and working towards balance. It can be hard, as hard as you make it. Everything costs money, how much is up to you. Sometimes the only cost is time. My dream is to teach how to balance life by encompassing varied areas of holistic health and bring the magic of alternative therapies to others.

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