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March 1 Is Around The Corner, What Am I Going To Do About It?

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Today s February  24th, this time next week it will be March. The dreaded winter should start withering away. Natures greenery and beautiful flowers should start to reappear. The sounds of birds should be heard instead of the roaring of the heater. But what am I going to do about it?

I am going to welcome it with open arms of course. January 1 is just too depressing to be a time for change, so my day of renewal is going to be March 1st. But I am going to set myself up for success. One thing at a time. Over the last 2 weeks, I have successfully implemented most of my essential oil routine and this week I will get it down to a natural habit. Easy goal. My goal for the first week of March is water. I love water, I just forget to drink it. Then at bedtime I realize I have not drank anything since my morning coffee…not good at all. And bedtime is not the ideal time to down 30-40oz of water.

I will also be back to blogging more regularly to track my ‘Season of Change.’ So see you soon as a water drinking master 😊


Author: holisticdeb

Holistic Health, what does it mean? How hard is it to do? Does it cost a lot of money? To me, it means taking responsibility for your life and working towards balance. It can be hard, as hard as you make it. Everything costs money, how much is up to you. Sometimes the only cost is time. My dream is to teach how to balance life by encompassing varied areas of holistic health and bring the magic of alternative therapies to others.

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