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Re-empowered: I Love It When I Am Questioning Myself And A Big WooHoo Comes My Way, But Why Do I Keep The Questions Coming?

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So, I developed my go-to blend of herbs for my lip balms and my lotions about 4 years ago. They are not some big secret plant I found, they are actually pretty mainstream. I have found they are great blends for most people for various purposes.

Other than having really dry skin, fortunately I don’t suffer the conditions others do. I love my lotion as I apply it in the morning, I don’t feel greasy, my skin feels ‘plumped’, and I don’t HAVE to apply again all day. Others swear my blend relieves numerous skin conditions that involve flaking skin, itching, irritation, and dryness. I add one more oil and a couple of essential oils and it becomes ‘super powered.’ Several people say they no longer use steroid creams as they don’t need them anymore, my lotion works better and takes care of the problem.

As for my lips. The final product is easy to apply, I make it softer so it just glides on. The herbs I choose all have a specific purpose. It does not feel like a layer sitting on your lips. Adults love it, but my favorite is the kids. A friends daughter tells any little friend with the red ring from licking their lips that they needs her mom’s friends lip stuff. You can’t buy that kind of promotion, kids tell it like it is. And my friend has to hide her favorite flavors cause her girls will snag them in a heartbeat.

Now you have my background, here is my whining. I feel stifled. Like I just do the same thing over and over. I feel like I should have something different, that I should have progressed in my blends. Why can’t I accept that I was fortunate to find a great blend without a lot of trials? That I did a lot of research and used this knowledge to pick my herbs and oils? Why do I feel that no matter how much people like my products, I can’t be happy with that?

So, recently I played with another herb with a purpose, a superficial purpose, but a purpose. Success. And I’m searching again. I added energy medicine to my lip blends, again with a purpose. Success. And I’m searching again. I learned to make cold process soap, adding herbs and essential oils. The soaps work in a different way, but are still great. And I’m looking again.

But then I get that call of “Guess what happened?” A lady that had a sore on her lip that wouldn’t go away. She had tried several things and nothing helped. She received a couple of my lip balms from a relative and said the sore improved on the first day and was gone in a few days. She was so happy.

So what magic bullet is there for me? I have accepted that I believe holistic medicine found me. I was just fortunate enough to embrace it when it was in front of me. Why can’t I accept that when you take education and intent, magic happens? The world of natural and holistic health is amazing. I have seen it, I have experienced it, and I have received others testimonies of the successes.

This weekend I have the opportunity to share my products with some others. Today I hope they love them as they were all made and surrounded with my positive intent. I do love what I make, I love to share my products with others. I only wish my mind would accept what my heart already feels.


Author: holisticdeb

Holistic Health, what does it mean? How hard is it to do? Does it cost a lot of money? To me, it means taking responsibility for your life and working towards balance. It can be hard, as hard as you make it. Everything costs money, how much is up to you. Sometimes the only cost is time. My dream is to teach how to balance life by encompassing varied areas of holistic health and bring the magic of alternative therapies to others.

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