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Every Day Is A New Day

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Yes, every day is a new day. Full of new beginnings and possibilities. Each new day starts with intent, our intent. We can wake up with a smile or wake up with a sigh. Either way, it sets the tone for our start. Even if life is not in it’s ideal place, whether it be home, work, finance…or all three, we decide how each day will be.

It may not be easy and outside factors may diligently work against us, but we must keep pressing forward. We may be beat down, our minds in a spin, our bodies fatigued, and we may feel completely worn, but we must keep pressing forward.

At times it seems like there is no hope, no chance of turning things around. Still, we are the only ones that can change our current paths. Waiting for help is not the answer. If others were to path our course, it would be their path.

Take a moment and look at what you have. What do you need? And what do you just want? What can you, yourself, do to set your course? What can you add to your daily actions? And what can you take away? How hard are you working for yourself? How much harder should you be working? How can you start?

Today, I start with positive intent, mindful meditation, and deep cleansing breaths. I think about what habits I have and what I can change today? What will I accomplish today and what I will NOT allow to defeat me. I will draw additional strength by diffusing uplifting essential oils, I will settle my mind with flower essences, and I will cleanse my body with an herbal tea.

I will embrace what I have and be content in my place while looking towards the promise that can come from the future.

I will start each new day with a smile and believe that the best is yet to come.

Every day IS a new day.


Author: holisticdeb

Holistic Health, what does it mean? How hard is it to do? Does it cost a lot of money? To me, it means taking responsibility for your life and working towards balance. It can be hard, as hard as you make it. Everything costs money, how much is up to you. Sometimes the only cost is time. My dream is to teach how to balance life by encompassing varied areas of holistic health and bring the magic of alternative therapies to others.

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