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Essential Oil Epiphany

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I just deleted my entire post before pressing publish. My epiphany could be construed as controversial by some and I don’t want to be that. My concern lies in the idea that the recent surge in the popularity of essential oils will escalate to the point of essential oil resistance.

As with penicillin back at the time of it’s discovery, it was added to everything and was overused and used by people without advanced knowledge of what it was capable of.

I also learned back in the Master Herbalism course I took several years ago that there are hundreds of herbs out there and an herbalist will come to love an apothecary of 15-20 herbs and these will be their ‘go-to’ herbs.  The same is true with the recent surge in essential oil popularity. There are hundreds of essential oils and there are a select few ‘go-to’ oils that are general use oils that have amazing potential when researched and then utilized.

I will keep my motivation and I will keep educating myself on the practice of safe and effective use of essential oils. As a Doctor of Holistic Health, I believe in moderation and balance.  And I believe that knowledge is power.


Author: holisticdeb

Holistic Health, what does it mean? How hard is it to do? Does it cost a lot of money? To me, it means taking responsibility for your life and working towards balance. It can be hard, as hard as you make it. Everything costs money, how much is up to you. Sometimes the only cost is time. My dream is to teach how to balance life by encompassing varied areas of holistic health and bring the magic of alternative therapies to others.

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